Lyndonville Fire Department Website

Lyndonville fire websiteLyndonville- The Lyndonville Fire Department has launched a new looking and updated website. The reason behind this change, is the department wanted to refresh their page and update it because of the advances in technology. The look has changed, but other than that not a whole lot is different about it. Their main goal was to update and advance their social media accounts.




“You know in the recent years six or seven years you know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all the social medias has kind of taken the place of a conventional website and if you don’t kid of keep up on that or keep changing things people kind of get tired. There’s no new things to look at” said Patrick Mclaughin, Lyndonville Fire Lieutenant.


The website has updated fire fighter photos and bios, some technical changes, and a new brightened up look. Nothing has drastically changed, there was no significant reason to change. The fire department just wanted to stay in the loop with technology and give the people something new to look at.




What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Toy Swap

One local group taking donations to cloth the needy.


School Music Wall

6th graders are asking for community donations of pots and pans so they can build a music wall for all students in the school to use on the playground.


Village Donations

The Village sports store donated some cleats to Lyndon Institute