Typing Poetry... The Old Way

TYPEWRITERLYNDONVILLE - The month of April is labled "Poem Month" for the Northeast Kingdom. Poem Month celebrates the unique art of poetry, as well as its history.  Patrice McDonough, a volunteer for Lyndonville's bookstore, Green Mountain Books,  believes that typewriting plays an essential role in the history of poetry.

 "I'm a lover of poetry and a lover of the typewriting process. So I found this book called The Lonely Typewriter and I was intrigued and said, oh typewriters don't have to be lonely so I started asking if friends had typewriters, and they just started appearing. Every typewriter has a story" said McDonough.

McDonough collects typewriters for Green Mountain Books, where she teaches young kids the importance reading, writing, and typewriting.

"Patrice means so much to me not only for her influence in this program,  but just for the work that she has done throughout her life with kids and reading and with bringing the written word to people." Said Green Mountain Book Owner, Kim Crady-Smith.

McDonough believes that typewriting has a lasting impact on not only children, but in poetry."I've been reading about [typewriters,] I've been researching and there is blogs, there are children's books, there is a renaissance and maybe even a revolution of typewriters and poetry and to just sit and pause as opposed to a word processor, it's too fast, this is about slow thinking and intentionality and to be mindful" said McDonough.

As McDonough nears retirement, she says she will continue to collect typewriters and wants to keep doing activities that involve the tool.


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