Community raises H.O.P.E

HopebreakinLYNDON- The non-profit organization H.O.P.E has dealt with two break-ins over the past week. On Saturday morning, workers arrived to find that intruders had entered the store and took three thousand dollars worth of cash, gift cards, jewelry and meat. Tuesday, H.O.P.E. President Bob McCabe informed News7 that someone had broken in again, taking more cash and food.

Lyndonville Police Chief Jack Harris said that  "One thing we have to look into is that they've had some people they've had to turn away recently, so of course those people are considered suspects until we can rule them out."

Harris also says that the evidence points to one person, or group of people, being responsible for both break ins.

"Both times what they looked at to take was similar, so the evidence would point toward one person or group of people doing both."

Harris also believes that the success of the first break in likely led to the second instance.

While Police continue to investigate, fundraising efforts are underway to help recoup the losses. Pizza Man will be donating five percent their sales on Thursday and schools such as Lyndon Institute and Lyndon State College are getting involved with their own ways to support as well.

Service Coordinator Yvette O'Connor is grateful for the public support: "At first you're sad, like how does this happen? And then you get mad... but now I just feel grateful for all of the support. "


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