H.O.P.E. at a Loss

HOPELYNDON -  Known for supporting the local community, H.O.P.E., also known as Helping Other People Everyday, was robbed Friday evening. 

H.O.P.E. serves about 30 towns across the Northeast Kingdom supporting those who need things such as warm meals, clothing, care packages, and more.  Employees and community members are in shock to learn that an organization that is so giving could find itself in a situation like this.

 "I know that there's a different feeling in the store today among the H.O.P.E. employees because they're quite hurt.  If people need something they can come here, but this goes a little bit beyond that,"  said H.O.P.E. President Bob McCabe.

According to McCabe, the burglarly appeared to be random, with the burglar taking about $3,000 worth of gift cards, jewelry, cash, meat and even an employee’s inhaler.

It is believed that the burglar came through an unlocked window. State Police say that the incident is under investigation and that there is currently no information about the crime.


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