Playing With A Purpose

Playing For PurposeLYNDONVILLE – This season isn’t simply business as usual for the Lyndon State College Men’s Basketball team. The team finished in fourth place in the North Atlantic Conference (NAC) standings as they head into the playoffs. But the Hornet’s play on the court hasn’t been the only thing turning heads this season. The team has been very active in the community. They have held autograph sessions after games for fans and even visited local schools to discuss paying for college and what it’s like to be the first in their family to go to college.

Head Coach Chris Dorsey, a Lyndon State College alumni, believes the work in the community is beneficial to both the team and the people it engages. The team was invited by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) to visit local schools. The team visited four schools including Troy Elementary School and Coventry Village School to name a few. Dorsey said "It was really self rewarding for the guys to go to the elementary schools and speak to the kids. To tell them what to prepare for, what to expect, and just really give their two sesnse to those kids to help them better their future." Senior guard Eric Vargas discussed the differing perspectives the kids had.  “It was a cool feeling. I didn't really understand the community in Vermont. Some of these kids' dreams are to be a truck driver. I wasn't expecting that.”

Dorsey played basketball during his career at Lyndon State and recalled that the team didn't participate in any community service activities then. Regarding how it impacts the players to have the kids come and watch the team play Dorsey said, "It's rewarding for the players to see the kids at the games. They hold themselves to higher expectations because they know they're there."

Back on the court, the top six teams advance to the NAC tournament. The Hornets finished fourth out of the 10 teams in the conference. With playoff seeding hanging in the balancing the Hornet’s stumbled and lost a close game to Castleton last thursday 69-68. A victory in that game, along with some help from other teams winning, could’ve resulted in Lyndon State jumping up to grab the number two seed, but the Hornets are just happy to be heading to the tournament. Vargas said, "That was our main goal. We are just trying to get in. We know we can beat any team. So it doesn't matter who were playing." The Hornets ended the regular season on the road as they defeated Green Mountain College over the weekend.

The Hornets have already improved on their record from last season, (10-15), as they currently sit at 11 wins and 13 losses. Their record in conference play, 10-8, is also better than that of last years, of 8-10, as well.

Dorsey discussed that it's about much more than just winning a conference championship. "My goal is for us to improve as a team." He continued to say "If we play together, winning will be the end result."

Lyndon State will begin it's postseason push Tuesday as they host Umaine-Farmington in the first round of the NAC tournament. The Hornet’s will be playing for more than just themselves. The team enjoys succeeding and the support they receive from their community.


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