Developments at Fenton Chester Arena

fenton chesterLYNDONVILLE - Fenton Chester Arena has undergone a management change that will last for the next five years. 

 The Lyndon Town Select Board voted that the management of the rink would be transitioned from L.A.S.A. to Lyndon Institute. During the transition period, L.A.S.A. will lend a helping hand to L.I. as they gain their footing.


Director of Communications Gloria Bruce explains the plan, “It’s our goal that this becomes an even better community asset. That there’s more access for the community and that we’re doing things in a way that’s consistent, not only with how they have been done, but that we’re actually building off those past business practices. I would add that the L.A.S.A. team has been phenomenal in making sure that we’re educated and ready for this transition.”


The switch was made a little more difficult because of the timing of the change over. 


“Well a little shaky in the first couple weeks because when we transferred over it started when the ice was just going in but it’s running well right now,” explains Jim Davis, the ancillary programs director. 


The new management has been working towards creating programs at the rink to generate more opportunities and involvement from the community.


“We just reached out to special olympics to get them involved both in the community and at the facility. So it’s really building more programming,” said Davis.


The continuity between the school and the rink have also opened up opportunities for the students.


“It’s going great. A number of students are from L.I. We have a program with L.I. to allow students to learn to skate and it’s open to the general public,” says Davis.


The arena has expanded its use to all four season over the past few years. With the addition of turf in the warmer months, they are able to provide a space for sports such as soccer and ultimate frisbee as well. David is hopeful that these additions will help with the financial concerns over the last few year. 


“It’s been struggling the last few years, the building is 36 years old. So a lot of things are getting to the point to be replaced so we’re really working hard to make things profitable so we can replace and upgrade the facility,” explains Davis.

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