Grindstone Cafe Reaches Out

GRIndStoneLYNDONVILLE -The Grindstone Cafe is more than just a little coffee shop. It offers all sorts of classes and is a place for the community to come together and socialize. However, there are some drastic changes happening to the Cafe, and they are asking for help from the community in order to keep their doors open.

Things are changing for the cafe, with one of the owners leaving, and in order to keep the shop open they need to do some restructuring of ownership. The remaining owner, Kim Crady-Smith, wants to keep the shop open, but she says she can not do it on her own.

“Gosh it would just be such a shame to see this little vibrant community space close. So I talked to my partner — whose name is Jesse — and we decided that together we would try to buy out our partners, but we don’t have much money. So I decided to start the Go Fund Me page,” Crady-Smith says. The money would allow consolidation of the ownership and allow them to continue serving the community.

Crady-Smith has set up a Go Fund Me page with the goal to raise six thousand dollars and currently the site has reached two thousand dollars of that goal.

Anyone interested in donating can do so at:



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