Taking A Dip

aquaticspsdLYNDONVILLE - North East Kingdom Aquatics is a swim team, where kids of all ages and skill levels participate in swimming together. The kids that take part on the team swim in local, regional and New England competitions. The levels get harder as the kids slowly start to age.

 Kids practice swimming at the college every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM. The team is allowed to stay local because Lyndon State College allows them to use their swimming facility.  The swim team is non profit, which means they need help from the school to keep classes and the team in session and afloat. The school donates some of the pools daily usage time to the kids, so that these kids can keep swimming.

Julie Tower, the swim team administrator, says, "It's really in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom. It's like a central location. A lot of parents are used to driving really far to bring their kids to hockey and gymnastics." During the winter, the sport keeps the kids in shape. Pool time is also very expensive and can add up quick-an hour of pool time can be around $75- 150 dollars, depending on the pool space.

The swim teams head coach Brianna Paquette believes that the team can really improve themselves while having a great time doing it. "I Like it. I have fun. It makes me feel young again. Like all these kids get so excited to swim in all the races and come out, so for me it's fun to see them grow and get better." The kids will continue their season throughout the winter competitions are likely to occur in the springtime.

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