Winterizing Your Vehicles

winterizingcarsLYNDONVILLE - As the winter months approach, you should stay safe by preparing your vehicle for the colder months ahead.

Winter in Vermont is historically rough, and in order to keep you and other drivers safe, you and your vehicle must be prepared for the worst.

Greg Gervais, owner of Greg's Auto in Lyndonville, says that making sure basic maintenance on your vehicle is important.  Also ensuring that your car has antifreeze and a strong battery are important things to check. 

"Vehicles tend to rust with the salt and stuff that they use now a days.  But the best thing for people to do to prevent that (is) to under coat it and we use what we call fluid film under coating.  And it's a good idea to keep the vehicle rinsed off in the winter time," says Gervais.

October is the perfect time to get your car checked up, according to the American Automotive Association, "AAA". Triple A has dedicated October as Car Care Month, in hopes that the public will be premeptive with their care care safety.

Jim Abel from AAA Colorado automotive services advises the public to get "your winter car maintenance completed before the first winter storm [which] can prevent a car from breaking down, but also save you from delays ... because auto repair facilities get extremely busy once winter weather officially arrives."

Its no secret that in Vermont  winter sets in fast, so 'sooner rather than later' could mean the difference between making it home safely, and being stranded on the side of the road during a storm.

Be safe, for yourself, your family, and all other drivers.

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