Concord School to Lose Another Principal

concord principalCONCORD- After less than a year on the job, Concord School Principal Patty Lyons is walking away.

This makes her the seventh principal to leave the school in just 5 years.

Principal Lyons has chosen to give up the position based on family circumstances, saying, "My husband got the new job in Stowe, so unfortunately, I am going to have to move on as well… my desire was to stay."

Despite her desire to remain in the position, Lyons is not worried that her departure will bring the school down. She actually feels that what makes the Concord School strong is something bigger than her presence alone. "I think the community has a belief in the school now, more than ever," said Lyons.

Lyons says that when she asks parents and community members what changes they see at the school they respond positively, remarking that "it's just friendlier here… its warm… there's something new going on."

Throughout her short time as principal, Lyons says she has pushed to make positive changes in the Concord School. From adding a brand new security system, to calling for a new mascot and encouraging stronger school spirit, Lyons has made an impact. As she prepares to leave the school, she says her Concord School spirit will always live on.
The school will now have to begin their search for a new principal, all over again.