P&S Furniture To Temporarily Close

psCONCORD- After 15 years of operation P&S Furniture will temporarily close its doors at their Concord location.

They will eventually re-open exclusively as a used furniture store, which is nothing new to them.

 In the past, the Concord location sold mostly used furniture with only a small amount of new items. Their two other stores in Barre and Littleton, NH will continue to offer new furniture.

The main reason for the switch all comes down to the numbers, "the numbers are not good with the two stores this close together, we decided we need a change," said P&S Furniture owner Paul Demers.

With many shoppers in the area heading to the tax-free Littelton location to purchase new furniture, Demers thinks that by selling discounted used furniture in Concord he will be able to boost his numbers back up.

For now, P&S Furniture in Concord will remain open until everything sells which Demer believes could take about three months. He's optimistic saying, "we'll keep droping prices until its gone."

All three P&S Furniture locations will be doing trade-ins for used furniture so that when the Concord location is ready to repoen they will have a used stock ready to sell.