Concord School Off Chopping Block

concord schoolCONCORD - For almost twenty years the Concord Town School has been on the chopping block.

This year however the town of Concord has decided that it is not an issue.

 The town has debated whether their high school students would be better off exploring different educational options. "It never became an issue this year because there is no petition to bring it up. Its nice not to have to worry about that going into town meeting," said Brian Rayburn who is the Superintendent of the Essex-Caledonia Supervisory Union.  Although the school will not be closing, other proposals for the schools athletic facilities are up for a vote. "There is an article for purchasing some land adjacent to our current baseball field. I believe its 25 acres that they are looking to buy. This would be an excellent opportunity to expand out athletic facilities," added Rayburn.

This new athletic field would not come out of the tax payers pocket however, but rather the capital reserve fund. With improvements like this, the Concord Town School should hopefully be off the ballot for many years to come. "With our new four year plan that we've been working hard on and a four year schedule, I think its building everyone's confidence and assurance," said Patty Lyons who is the principal of the Concord Town School. Hopefully this Town Meeting will be a little less stressful for students and parents, and will be focused on other issues. As for the school, they are relived and thankful. "We just want to keep the school moving forward," said Principal Lyons.