Vote for a Veteran

vote for vetCONCORD- Voting for veterans was an option that was provided to the residents of Concord earlier this week on Town Meeting Day.


The "Honor a Vet With Your Vote" program is a program ran by the Vermont Secretary of State, where citizens have the opportunity to honor friends and relatives who have proudly served the country in the military.

The idea to host the program during voting on Town Meeting day came from the selectboard, but Town Clerk Donna Berry was all for the idea.

“We ordered some buttons, and what we're doing is people come in and checking off on the check list. And they are going to the next table and they are being asked if they would like to vote in honor of a veteran.”

After the signing in voters were given the option to choose if they wanted to vote in honor of a veteran, the only thing that needed to be done was write on the "Honor a Vet" form: who you are honoring, what is the relationship to you of that person, and then you received a button in which you write the name of the honoree, wearing it to the voting booth.

According to the Vermont Secretary of State website, the program was used for "recognizing their important contributions to keeping our democracy strong and ensuring that we can cast a ballot each Election Day."

This is the first year that Concord has ran the program, but Donna Berry is hopeful to keep the program running in the ensuing years.