Kingdom Trails New Direction

KTBURKE— As the seasons change, Kingdom Trails will be transitioning from winter fat biking to their summer season. Former Executive Director of Kingdom Trails, Tim Tierney, resigned from his position in May of 2017. Abby Long began as the Executive Director for the organization in February.

 "I recently moved from Leadville, Colorado, where I was on of the managers for the Leadville Race Series," said Long. "Then I moved on to be the executive director of the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy foundation. Which is the non profit arm of the race series."

Long has quickly come to know how popular Kingdom Trails is.

"Just in 2017, I learned that we saw over 100,000 riders come and use our trail network,"

The summer season will be here soon, with an expected opening day of May 1st if weather permits.

"I'm bracing myself. I know I'll have to keep up, and I am ready for it," said Long.

One thing in her short time Long has learned is that Kingdom Trails is a community organization and she plans to invest back into that community.

"I think we can do that by investing in our youth. I'd love to get some youth mountain biking programs going. I really want to cater to them," said Long.

Kingdom Trails Executive Director from NewsLINC on Vimeo.