Burke Mountain Confectionary Preps for Easter

Chocolate Burke 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMEAST BURKE - The Burke Mountain Confectionary is prepping for the upcoming Easter weekend. The owner Tom Taylor and his wife Nancy have ran the chocolate business for five years now. The chocolate makers have been prepping all week for this coming weekend.
The idea of running the business became about six years ago when Taylor's wife had been making chocolates in Nashville, Tennessee. 



She would make her chocolates for teachers and students at schools and she would sell them to many other people in the Nashville area.They had traveled to Vermont quite often and thought about running a chocolate business here in Vermont. They had thouroughly enjoyed their experiences as tourists here in Vermont in the twenty five years that they had vacationed here.Taylor had started his career in the food industry in Atlanta, Georgia. In the 1980's his family had ran a catering company called, Jennifer Janes catering for about a decade. He also has had some experience with working in fast food before working with his wife.

"We start off with pretty much raw chocolate that is solid and then we melt the chocolate and then fuse it with different flavors for our truffles, we use maple syrup sometimes pure raspberries, bourbon, just all sorts of different flavours. Then we put them in a mold and then pop them out of the mold, then we run it through the machine and put pure chocolate on top of that, so our chocolates are pure chocolate all the way through. Except with the truffles we add a natural flavour," said Taylor.

They have been making all sorts of candies for Easter. They have made raspberry truffles, chocolate bunnies that are white, dark and milk chocolate, foil wrapped easter eggs, along with a few other types of chocolates.

The company goes around to different tents and sells their chocolate during the summer time. Taylor claims that this is the best part about his job because he is a people person and loves to interact with others.

"We take great care to deliver a product, that we ourselves would enjoy. And that's kind of also the birth of this company is when we started this, we said what would we want to receive from somebody? It had to be pure chocolate it had to use Vermont ingredients and we just want our chocolate to be an experience for those who try it, those who crave it and it's nice to have a fan base too , "said Taylor.