Moose Population and Moose Tags

moose thumbnailBURKE - The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife are seeking public input on the 2018 Deer and Moose hunting seasons. With a record breaking deer harvest last year, the Department would like to know where hunters are at while they continue to monitor the Vermont deer population. At the time being, the deer population has not taken much of a hit, in fact the deer population has shown average numbers for the 2018 year.

The Moose population, on the other hand, has seen stark drops in Vermont.
As a result, the Department of Fish and Wildlife are looking to further limit the miniscule number of Moose tags that they issue to hunters through a lottery-style raffle that they hold each year. The Wildlife Department is looking into public input through informational meetings that are being held March 19th, 21st and 22nd. At the time being, the Department is considering lowering the tag limit to only 14 Bull-Moose permits being issued. Biologists have come forward to the Department and believe that only 14 tags should be issued in order to help increase the Moose population.
Rick Gorham, owner of Rick's Gun Shop in East Burke, had quite a bit to say regarding the Moose population in Vermont. "I remember when people would get Moose tags and head out to Island Pond and come back that day with a Moose in the back of their truck," He said, "We used to have to be extra careful driving at night just to avoid hitting a Moose that was crossing the road. We don't have a Moose population like that anymore, and I agree that the number of Moose tags issued to hunters this year needs to be lowered, and I have no doubt that that's what they are going to do. Or, they may even get rid of Moose hunting in Vermont all together for the next few years."
Rick also went on to discuss why the Moose population has taken such a hard hit the last few years. "There is more than one reason why the Moose population is dwindling in Vermont, but the largest issues are the mild winters affecting food sources; as well as the booming tick population last year which wiped out a lot of the Moose in our area."