Town Meeting Lurks in Burke

BurkeTMDBURKE- For every town in the state of Vermont, decisions loom as Town Meeting Day approaches. This is no different for the town of Burke. 

Last night at an informational meeting, residents heard how Lyndon Rescue wants to increase it's appropriation to more than $70,000, which is an increase of more than $40,000 from last year.


John Kascenska, president of Lyndon Rescue, says the budget increase is due to dispatch costs, increases in workman's compensation, and the additions of new professionals on staff.

"This year we have requested a sizable increase for sure, and [it] is primarily the result of an increase of expenses on our part, everything from the expenses of the operation of our vehicles to medical supplies," Kascenska said.

Voters were out doay casting their ballots for the said Lyndon Rescue request.

" [It's] important to keep it close by for any kind of heart attack or stroke kind of emergency, rather than if we lost money, then it might have to come all the way from St J," says Rachel Chamberlain, who has lived in East Burke for 5 years.

Others items on the ballot included a vote on a $1.6 million town budget, which is an increase of just over $200,000 from last year. Town Clerk Priscilla Aldrich is seeking re-election for the same position, as well as four others. 

Chamberlain says no matter the issue, everyone should get out an vote on a day like Town Meeting Day. "It's a way for your voice to be heard."

Burke's results are posted below.