Newark Street School Kingdom East

 Newark  2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMBURKE- The Newark Street School is going to be amongst the other schools involved in the Caledonia North Supervisory Union, when the schools merge into Kingdom East.These schools currently all have separate budgets in the Caledonia North Supervisory Union.



The Caledonia North Supervisory Union had been established because of Act 46, which was initiated due to the decreased populations in schools in 2015. Through the act, many schools in Vemont had shut down, while others had combined and formed supervisory unions. This act also made sure that students could have better learning environments. 

The Caledonia North Supervisory Union had the school boards vote to put Kingdom East through. The vote had passed and now they will have a consolidated budget.

Newark Street School Principal, Tim Mulligan, who started in July, sees this as a great opportunity for both students and parents. The students and parents will be able to choose which school they would like to go to. They could determine which school their kids can go to based off from the learning environment or even the size of the school. 

Mulligan said, "Hopefully the intent of the mergers throughout the state of Vermont is that we are providing more opportunities for kids. We are reusing resources better and we are being more financially responsible. And thats what it really comes down to are we really providing more opportunities for students by merging together rather than opperating as our own separate entities."

Mulligan mentions how these changes will be more at an administrative level, rather than a student level. The Caledonia North Supervisory Union Board had voted to put the budget all into one large buget amongst all of the schools rather than having the schools have their own individual budgets. 

Mulligan said, "No matter what we do there's obviously going to be differences in different communities and different things happening in different schools."

Sutton School's Principal Kenneth Haynes views these changes differently. Sutton School is also involved in the Kingdom East budget as well. Kenneth Haynes sees that there are some disadvantes and advantages with having Kingdom East as a budget that combines all of the schools budgets into one.

Haynes said, "We could be sharing staff which would be cheaper, we may have to close schools, we don't know and consalidate.

Haynes had however seen it the same way as Principal Tim Mulligan did. He thinks it can be positive in the sense that people can decide which school their children can go to as long as it's within the Kingdom East district, it wont cost them extra money. 

Haynes said, "We could purchase things out to bid for the whole seven schools instead of one you know so you get things cheaper so that's some advantages too." "One advantage I see is if one parent isnt happy with one school they can that one student go to another school in the same supervisory union within Kingdom East."

The Caledonia North Supervisory Union will become a unifed budget and school system on July 1st, 2018.