Burke Goes Berserk in Preparations

BurkeBezerkBURKE - After the EB-5 scandal and one of the worst ski seasons to date, Burke Mountain Resort is taking an aggressive approach to make sure that this winter season will be successful.

Last year across the Northeast Kingdom, resorts had a record breaking winter, but not in a good way.

According to Burke Mountain marketing and sales director, Jess Lechler, "I think this year we are definetly ahead of it we have the green light from our management company to make snow when ever we need to and be aggressive so yeah I think were just gonna flip the switch as soon as mother nature says so."

However doing so takes a lot of planning says Lechler, "when everybody goes back to school and we start to get in the frame of mind and certanly we want to be on top of our winter plan."

Burke Mountain Resort has also acquired new equipment this year which should help the Mountain's success as well as it's safety. "We have 15 new towers in addition to to the 20 new towers we added last year."

The Mountain has turned on it's water pumps already, thanks to the cold temperatures and they plan to start making snow this Friday to get ready for their planned opening on Thanksgiving Weekend.


P- BURKE PREPERATION.transf from NewsLINC on Vimeo.