Bradford Analyzes Sobriety and Vehicle Checkpoints

dui BRADFORD - State police officers from the Bradford Barracks now have a final analysis on the sobriety and vehicle checkpoints that took place earlier this month.

Bradford police officers along with other officers in the state have been trying to prevent, and reduce the number of fatal crashes on Vermont highways. One method was to conduct sobriety and vehicle checkpoints over the past week.

Fred Cornell, one of the patrol commanders explains why these checkpoints are so important, "Any death is unfortunate, and we try to prevent those. That's why we do the checkpoints. That's why we do the safety campaigns. I know that we have another couple fatal incidents over the weekend, so the numbers continue to grow. And the idea behind the checkpoints is to go out and exactly do that, to make people think 'Wear a belt, and don't drink.". These checkpoints may be necessary, as there have been at least 68 deaths in 61 separate accidents on Vermont Highways in 2012. This number is already 13 deaths higher than the 2011 death total.

Bradford Police alone has stopped almost 350 drivers last week, screening 3 people before letting them go. Sergeant Fred Cornell stated that there were even more fatal accidents over the weekend, adding a growing concern over safe driving, "I would say that the way Vermont is going right now, we're gonna try to get out there and do more aggressive enforcement, not only at the end of this year, but we're probably going to try and step it up at the beginning of next year to really try and get out and get ahead of the curb.".

Numbers like these indicate that drivers need to be monitored more heavily.



Bradford DUI Checkpoint Analysis from NewsLINC on Vimeo.