New Addition to Hannaford's

new hannafordBRADFORD - A bigger Hannaford's is set to replace the smaller one next door on route 5.

The bigger store will offer more options as well as be more attractive to consumers. Superintendent of the construction Chip Cheney says it will be modern as well as close to three times bigger "its just all updated.

 It's their new prototype store. It's your deli, your bakery, your seafood. It's just a lot bigger than the store here. Without a doubt it's a lot more attractive. It's going to be a nice looking building."

 The store is expected to increase business due to its size and appealing looks where shopper Roger Toffling says its a long way to find what he's looking for  "there's not much else. You can only get certain things in there. Other than that, I could go to Barre to get other things that I like."

Cheney says the store is creating a buzz in the area and has shoppers and residents excited "just from the response of the people everybody comes up to the job and they're all excited about it and can't wait for it to open."

The new store is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2013.