NEK Schools Prepare For Opening

Around the NEK-- The state of Vermont is providing 1,515 PPE kits for schools across Vermont along with 75,750 pairs of gloves, 75,750 surgical masks and nearly 800 gallons of hand sanitizer. 

Local schools here in the Northeast Kingdom are looking forward to re-opening September 8th after sending students to remote learning back in March due to COVID-19 concerns. 

"Our buildings are ready, we have new saftey features installed and all the construction work related to safety is done, so our facility staff has been really working overtime", says St. Johnsbury School Superintendent Dr. Brian Ricca. 

 This comes after months of planning for a safe return of students and staff to not just the St. Johnsbury School system but schools across the NEK. Lyndon Institutes' Mike Lowe says they are fully ready for students to return.

"The opening of school plan is very detailed about how the student will come to school and go through the screening process every single day, that's our first line of defense is asking the two Covid related questions, doing temperture checks when students check in and make sure students are always wearing a mask."

After nearly six months away, teachers and staff are very excited to have their students back in the classroom says Dr. Ricca. 

"We really just want them to feel welcome, we want them to know that we have missed them and that we are really excited to have them back."