Alzheimer's Walk Hopes to Happen

NORTHEAST KINDGDOM - The Alzheimer Association of the Northeast Kingdom still has their Walk to End Alzheimers on Saturday September 13th-but they do not know yet if they will be able to complete this walk in person, or virtually.

Nancy Poulos an organizer of the Northeast Kingdom's Walk to End Alzheimers hopes to have an in person walk-in some capacity. The event will still be happening on September 13th as well, regardless of if it can be in person, or has to be online.

 "We obviously need to wait and see what the state mandates at that time, but we are hoping to have an person walk, as last year was our biggest and most successful walk," said Poulos. 

"The amount we raised was $600,840 dollars. which was 150% over our initial goal. The 50 teams and 403 people really made it an important and heartwarming event-and we'd like to be able to see more of that this year," continued Poulos.

These walks are the worlds largest events to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. Year after year, many will particapte in these walks across the country, and often travel for them as well.

"We encourage people to register online for this still, they can do this at  and there is an NEK walk in VT they can choose from there," said Poulos.

Until the time for the walk comes, people are encoraged to still be a part of the walk in some capacity-whether it is in person or virtual.