Barton Burglary

BARTON - Sunday morning at around 10 am, Nick's Snack Shack a local convience store in Barton was broken into.

Derby Police were notified of the incident, shorty after it happenend. Nick's Snack Shack is located on Main Street. After investigating the break in, police did discover that the burglar got inside using forciable means.

Several perishable, and non perishable items were stolen from the store, video footage has shown. Footage also appears to show this burglar was a medium build, medium height young man-with brown hair.

"We are still looking to properly identify who this man is, we have a few leads," said Trooper Drew.  

Anyone who might have further leads of who this could be-should contact Trooper Drew from the Derby Barracks at 802-334-8881.