Barnet Green Up Day

BARNET - Although an official Green Up Day in Barnet has been cancelled in light of COVID-19, all month long in Barnet-the town dump they will be accepting green up bags. The town is still hopeful in spreading the Green Up Word.

Caroline Demaio, a Barnet resident will be posting, and getting the word out on how people can still be active in clean up this year.

"We traditionally have a big day for Green Up at the Barnet School. Here we would take trash, clean bottles, and even bake pizza outside. Now, we can no longer can do that so we are looking at other ways to Green Up Barnet," said Demaio.

"The selectboard of Barnet has told us that the whole month of May people can recive Green Up Bags, for Green Up material, and that the Barnet dump will be open every Saturday for Green Up material," said Demaio.

Green Up material is anything recyclable-tin cans, plastics, bottles, paper, card boards etc.

"Last Saturday was the first Saturday, and I think more people will go out when it gets warmer too,and I hope to be posting on the Barnet Facebook page soon about Green Up," said Demaio

"Its the 50th anniversary of green up day in Vermont, and our roads still needed to be cleaned up, so we're still urging people to clean up those too-I hope to be posting that in our Facebook page as well, " said Demaio.

"I just hope people can still get out, and get the word out for clean up, even in these hard times," said Demaio.

Any Barnet residents with further question on Green Up-can email Caroline directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.