The NEK Meal Train

AROUND THE NEK - The Corona virus has forced many businesses to shut down. Many restaurants however are still in operation, but are serving via take out. Several restaurants in the Northeast Kingdom have teamed up with NVRH to start a local meal train to help serve healthcare workers and the community.

The Pizza Man in Lyndonville has not only started take out but it has also teamed up with NVRH to deliver meals to healthcare workers.

"It's just a really great way for people in the community to suport not only the healthcare workers but also local restraunts that do take out," said NVRH's Vice President of Marketing director, Laural Ruggles.

The train happens on weekends and has been going on for the past 2 weeks at NVRH. The meals arrive at 4 in the afternoon and offer a wide selection from not just The Pizza Man, but also other restraunts in the Northeast Kingdom inlcuding Khams Thai, Lyndonville House of Pizza, Hoagies Pizza & Pasta, Dominos (St Johnsbury), Everybuddy's, Goodfella's, Kingdom Crust, and Junipers Out . Ruggles has heard of the impact felt by the staff of NVRH.

"They really appreciate it and feel the love from the community. Everyone has enjoyed it."

As for the future of the meal train and NVRH, it is set up to run through the end of May. Like everyone else, NVRH believes that restraunts can get back to the normal and can soon have folks sit in and enjoy company from other people. Ruggles concluded by saying that should another situation like this come up again, NVRH will be geared up and ready to go to serve healthcare workers and the community. Fore more information folks can visit the meal train website for NVRH.