“We Are One”- Joint NVU- Lyndon & Johnson Student Government Association Meeting Tonight

AROUND THE NEK - The Northern Vermont University Lyndon and Johnson Student Government Association's will be holding a joint Town Hall Meeting tonight at 8:00 pm. The two campuses each have an association but decided to join forces after a proposal was released Friday to close both campuses of Northern Vermont University, as well as the Randolph campus of Vermont Technical College.



After Lyndon and Johnson’s Student Government Association executive board members met over the weekend, it was decided that a joint Town Hall would be beneficial for students.

“This weekend was our first time really coming together as a group and working for a joint cause,” Johnson Student Government Association President Jesse Streeter said.

In the past, the two associations tried to make plans to meet, but it wasn’t feasible, according to Lyndon Student Government Association President Kate Henriques. “We extended the olive branch to the Johnson Student Government Association executive board, but unfortunately due to our busy schedules, we were unable to meet. It was nice to finally meet the board, but we wish it was under better circumstances.”

Nonetheless, the executive boards are excited about a unified meeting.

“I’m looking forward to having Lyndon and Johnson students in one place,” says Henriques.

“With everything that’s going on and the easy public access to President Collins, we figured this would be a great time to come together and show a united front in this situation,” Streeter explained.

Streeter continued his statement by saying, “We hope to be there and answer any questions and field ideas for what people want our respective school’s Student Governments doing.”

The Student Government Association executive board members are also feeling the pressure of the proposal.

“The proposal was sprung upon us on Friday afternoon when they were going to vote on it Monday. We were all shocked, but we all banded together very quickly,” Lyndon Student Government Association Executive Vice President Ben Mitchell explained.

“The proposal is astounding and appalling,” says Henriques, who was up in arms about the proposal.

“I’ve been in the state for four years now, and consider myself a Vermonter. This doesn’t just affect the schools, it affects the communities around them,” Mitchell explained, who is originally from Texas.

Mitchell also feels for the students that would be affected by this change. “Your major and your program become your family. Taking away their schools is like taking away their home."

Streeter is grateful to see everyone come together during this time. “I’m loving all the hard work and dedication everyone is showing right now, and I’m excited to see when we make it out of this on the other side, that we are going to finally be one truly unified campus working together."

Henriques agreed with Streeter. “The best thing that has come out of all of this is unity.”

It was announced this morning that Vermont State College System’s Chancellor Jeb Spaulding would be withdrawing his proposal to close the three campuses.

Mitchell was filled with positivity and excitement after hearing the news.“I am so excited to hear that our hard work paid off and that our voices were heard.”

Henriques was also excited about the announcement.“I am thrilled for tonight and the ability to celebrate and connect with NVU.”

For more information on the Town Hall Meeting tonight, go to the Northern Vermont University- Lyndon Student Government Association Facebook page.