Business During a Pandemic

SHEFFIELD - As Covid-19 continues to spread, some businesses still remain open. Vermont Country Candles in Sheffield Vermont is one of those businesses.  They will continue to sell their product to stores in downtown Lyndonville.

Megon Lindgren makes her candles at home and has her candles at various locations in town, including the store, Presents Of Past Two. This Wonderful Antique store owned by Robin Riendeau sells various items like clothes, signs, candles, home decor, and many more.

A post via facebook on March 18th stated that the store will remain open at this time. Even an older lady that walked into the store on Thursday morning said, "oh I'm so glad you're open, I'm so glad someone is finally open."

Robin is practicing hand washing, and she is also cleaning the store. She will continue to sanitize the counters, wash the door handles, and disinfect surfaces throughout the store to keep customers safe and healthy. "We are staying open." says Robin, "We don't have any employees, we are sanitizing the counters and washing our hands very diligently." Please visit during this time, to support our local businesses.