Veterans Carve Pumpkins To Help Their Communtiy

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Lyndon- The students Veterans association helped to carve over 30 pumpkins to help contribute to an annual pumpkin walk. The walk is sponsored by the Summerville Neighbors association in St. Johnsbury. The group ordered 500 pumpkins that will be on display on a path leading up to their very own haunted house.
The association at Lyndon used one of their weekly meetings to carve pumpkins, and overall enjoy eachothers company. Anyone from the community was invited to join. And after such a successful event; the group is hoping to have more socials or open events such as this one.
"We are hoping we can get some more fun stuff. And just some other activities. We are going to do the Trunk or treat down and St J too." said Samantha Combs President of the Students Veterans Association.
The group doesn't only do fun events such as this one. They have a much greater purpose, which is to offer a place with resources and people for both active and inactive military members to join. College is often times hard for members coming straight out of serving, and this groups goal is to help make that transition an easy one.
"Veterans tend to be non traditional students. Veterans in general tend to have a lot less of a local connection coming back to a civilian area. So I think its cool that everyone gets together." says Combs.
And for many this group means so much when it comes to their experience at the University. It provides aid, and a safe and comfortable environment for them to learn.
"I would say that this group completely rounded me out. We have some amazing individuals here. And then being able to go out and meet some incredible individuals who believe in the same mission we believe in." Said Dyllan Durham the vice president of The Student Veteran Association.
This group is located at Northern Vermont University at Lyndon, and is open for anyone to join.

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