Vermont Electric Coop. Phone Scam

Phone scam LYNDONVILLE- Many Vermonters started their Monday with a scam call from someone pretending to be with the Vermont Electric Coop. The caller tried to trick the person on the phone into thinking they had a late bill. The caller went as far as threatening to turn off the customers power if they didn't pay over the phone.

Ace's Towing and Repair was one of the companies that received a scam phone call. Brandy Little, the office manager and dispatcher for Ace's says, "It rang, said 'Vermont Electric' on the caller ID, and I answered it. A gentlemen asked to speak with the person who is in charge of our electricity, and I said, 'We have Lyndon Electric because we are in Lyndonville. Can I help you with something?' and he kind of went silent and then hung up on me." After she was hung up on, she called Vermont Electric, because she knew someone was trying to scam people.

Vermont Electrics manager of member services, Sue Bernier, says that this is not the first scam they have dealt with. However, with well over 50 calls Monday morning, Bernier said it's, "very unusual (to have this many calls) in recent history of any type of scam." She also says that this issue impacted more than just the Vermont Electric Coop, but also Green Mountain Power and Burlington Electric.

Bernier warns customers that, "Anytime that a consumer receives a phone call from anyone indicating that they need to make a payment right then and there over the phone, they should never provide any type of banking information or credit card information to anyone over the phone."

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