Farm to School Grant Highest Ever

farm to schoolAROUND THE NEK - The Farm to School Grant which has been helping locally grown foods find thier way to students lunch trays will be going into its 13th year of operation with it's highest grant amount ever. The grand total of the grant will be $256,000 and will be applied to schools that apply and qualify for its benefits.

The goal of the grant is to allow for schools to be able to more easily work with local farmers and food growers in order to provide their students with fresh meats and produce that come from right down that road, rather than states or entire regions apart.


Ali Ziparro, the manager of the Farm to School grant program is happy to see the program in a constant state of growth, and is happy that the system has been functioning so well over the past few years. "One of the biggest things that I enjoy about this program is that it works. With all of the information that we ask schools and local farms to provide we are able to help them commit to a system of aiding eachother and getting food to the students."

Ziparro went on to add that not only does the program work, but local government has also shown more trust in the grant as of this year. "On top of the grant being the largest it has ever been, a lot of the funding has come from the state government, who has given their largest sum to the grant than any previous year; it is easy to see that they have a lot of faith in this grant, and a lot of faith in the people running the grant to do their job and get the program to schools that both want and need it.

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