Fall Foilage Brings In The Business

Fall is finally upon us here in the Northeast Kingdom. More than just the leaves and climate changing, businesses tend to change as well.The Village Sport Shop is a perfect example of a business that is affected by the fall season.


"People assume that the fall season slows down for us cause summers over and school starts, but it's actually the busiest time of the year." Said Sarah Redman Village Sport Shop Employee.

People who come to the bike shop aren't just bikers and some just find the shop on their way through town. "There are not just mountain bikers, there are people coming in just for the scenery and they see our bike shop and they don't even know there's mountain biking and they like to try it and so it's just bringing in people that wouldn't necessarily come up here to mountain bike." Redman went on to say.

Other than the bike shop restaurants like the Miss Lyndonville Diner also look forward to the season and thrive on it. The Diner loves all the people that come in through the fall and they're always ready for it.

"Everything ramps up in the fall, it's all about the people coming in. Whether they come in on a tour or come in by vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle. We look forward to welcoming them and doing what we do." Said Miss Lyndonville Owner Janet Burnor.

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