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Northeast Kingdom-The snow may be gone for the northeast kingdom but that does not mean the weather will stop wreaking havoc. A powerful storm brought lightning, thunder, high wind and rain to the kingdom on Friday.

Many towns in the area were heavily affected and there was at least minimal impact on all towns throughout the kingdom. Those impacts range from power outages to downed tree branches.

In Caledonia County, Vermont Electric Co-op, Washington Electric Co-op, Green Mountain Power and Lyndonville Electric combined had more than 2,000 outages in total. Lyndonville Electric is having the most trouble and reports 1500 outages between Caledonia and Essex Counties. As of early this morning Lyndonville Electric was struggling in dealing with the widespread outages and were focusing on the areas of Calendar Brook road and along the route 5 corridor as well as broken poles in areas in and around Pudding Hill road and Peak road in South Wheelock.

There were many residents out and about this morning and afternoon cleaning up the mess. Residents of Wheelock are feeling the effects. Multiple residents have expressed how much damage they have seen. They say that there a multiple trees down on all terrain vehicle trails and many trees and power lines down on back roads of the town which makes it that much more difficult for someone to get to their home.

From an emergency personnel standpoint the St. Johnsbury fire department has had a few calls this afternoon regarding issues from the storm but says they have not been running into much trouble but are still feeling the impacts. Fire Chief Andrew Ruggles says "If you were to see power lines or trees down they need to stay away from them because they still could be energized and the ground around it could be energized" And for emergency personnel the response time is key in these types of events too. "It could even be under five minutes for our response time" says Ruggles.

For the latest up to date outage map you can visit vtoutages.org.



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