Warm Weather Doesn't mean Ice is Out

Joes PondAROUND THE NEK— Only a few days into the month of May and there is still ice out on Joe's Pond in Danville and Cabot. In one area specifically, the ice out timer is still ticking.

"The last report on the Joe's Pond Blog that is has been 11 to 12 years since [its] hit May," said Ray Rouleau, a board member for the Joe's Pond Association.

There are over 1300 tickets that are eligible to win during the month of May.

Predicitng when the timer goes out is not an exact science.

"We're predicting with this wind now picking up and the sun coming out and a little bit of rain coming up tomorrow I believe, I'm going to guess this weekend. Which is today's the second, lets talk about the 5th and 6th," said Rouleau.

Although you cannot buy tickets now, the association does sell them online.

Joe's Pond Ice Out from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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