National Volunteer Week

Volunteer week  2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMST JOHNSBURY - This week is National Volunteer Week and the Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital is one of the many volunteer services around the Northeast Kingdom. Director of Volunteer services Pat Forest explains how she enjoys having many different volunteer services throughout the hospital. She also appreciates the fact that the volunteers help for the sake of helping. She also appreciates the fact that it allows people that are retired to be able to have something to do everyday.

"The president of the board of trustees actually said that these people are people that have been in our community for years and have worked hard their whole lives in our community and here they are in retirement giving back to the hospital and the community once again and I think that perfectly stated how we feel about these people and our organization, huge impact, " said Forest.

At NVRH they participate in many services including, playing music for those who are at bed rest and helping at the gift shop.They also give out food to those in need. Every third week of every month they give away food to over 100 people. They do it to help serve the community and make sure people receive the proper nutrition that they need.

" Yes, we have a certified music practitioner but, we also have a young lady who's 14, who plays the harp beautifully and she plays in the public areas and then we have another musician who plays mountain dulcimer inside for our patients and we are always looking for those people who want to give back a few hours a week and would really make an impact and music seriously is healing, seriously healing for our patients and our staff too it gives permission to just stop for a minute and listen to the music and just relax for a brief minute before they get on with their day , " said Forest.

National Volunteer Week was established in 1974.

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