Erosion At Willoughby Lake

willoughby lake winter thumbnailWESTMORE - Willoughby Lake has always been a major attraction for the areas of the Northeast Kingdom, and many more come from outside the kingdom to hike the mountain trails or take a cool dip in the lake's waters. The lake has experienced new levels of popularity as of recent years... and more and more people are exploring the lakes trails... as well as making a few of their own. Normally this would not be an issue, however the question of trail safety is becoming a concern for the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. They worry that the trails created by hikers have begun to erode close to the shoreline and have become a danger to residents and those hiking the trails.
As part of the project created by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, they plan to address and fix the problems with the narrowing diminishing trails. Louis Bushey, a stewardship forester for the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, has been working to help trail maintenance develop a concrete plan that will re-route the trails. "We've moved some of the trails, and we've tried to manage some of the use by moving trails away from the top of some of the steep banks. This will help people get to where they want to be but we are trying to manage where they are actually going to get there."
There have been a few questions regarding this aspect of the project, and many believe that the Department is attempting to block peoples access to remote areas of the south shore that are used for nude-swimming and beach going. Lou Bushy wanted to assure that they are not trying to do this, they are simply worried about the safety of those at the lake. "Anything we have done at the south end is to improve the safety or to address erosion issues."
This is only one part of a larger Willoughby Lake project that will be focusing on better serving the community, and keeping the lake clean as more and more people visit the Lake and its attractions.