Kingdom East Budget of 33.9 Milllion

JennBotzojournLYNDONVILLE- The Kingdom East School District is preparing for voters to approve a budget of $33.9 million dollars. Jennifer Botzojorns, Superintendent of the Kingdom East school district says the budget is meant for the seven schools in the district.

"It's a little different this year because last year each town or each school had its own budget. This year that's combined into one very large budget."


The school district created a finance committee made up of school board members, Cynthia Stewart and Shannon Chapman of Concord and Haden Tanner from Sutton. The three worked with the finance manager to take last year's individual budgets and combine them into one budget to see how much the total cost would be.

This year, the principal's created a budget that suites their schools needs for supplies, facilities, and staff and those numbers are then complied into one large budget. "Each principal in each building has their own financial ledger which they will work from, and each principal has developed their own budget." The principals will all have their teased-out numbers that they can work with within the school. Because the schools are under one district they must report everything under one district which is why there is a need for one budget compared to several

And so, the committee came up with a budget of $33.9 million, while it is a large number it is a good thing. Botzojorn says, "it seems like a huge amount but actually it's down .11% from last year." This means if you combine all the budgets from all seven school's budgets from last year, this year's Kingdom East budget is less. Botzojorn says the schools have also had an increase in equalized pupils in addition to the budget, "those numbers have gone up, but the budget has gone down."

The Kingdom East Board meeting was held last night were they approved next year's school calendar and approved a voting date for the budget which will be Tuesday April 10th.