Kinglets Nature Preschool Becoming a Nonprofit

kiDS  2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMEAST BURKE- The Kinglets Nature preschool in East Burke is trying to make efforts of becoming a non profit by having a Go Fund Me account. The account was started by a dedicated parent Erin Patoine who had wanted to try and provide supplies for the kids at the preschool. 


 Originally the program had  started ten years ago as a summer gardening project with Alyssa Doolittle and Jessica Simpson. It then was converted into a preschool about six years ago. Teachers Mary Jo O'Neill and  a few others had joined once the preschool had formed.  The preschool has had many locations since it had started. It originally had started at the Mountain View Farm . Since then it has been  located at the Wildflower Inn in Newark and the Cafe Lotti in East Burke. It is currently located in the basement of the Congregational Church in East Burke. 


"They are just delightful and sweet and I just love to share my love for nature with them, " said  O' Neill.  

This preschool is unlike any other preschool. At a normal preschool children would be taught what they need to know to prepare them for gradeschool. However, at the Kinglets Nature preschool the kids are always allowed to learn how to use their imaginations and how to be responsible for their own decisions. They focus a lot of their learning through nature and the children get to decide what they want to do every day it's more of an open minded place.  If a child gets curious about something, then the teachers often see this as a good thing because they are learning and using their imaginations. They are also taught that by making mistakes it is okay. 

"I think my kids have benefited from the program, I have one son currently attending the program and my oldest son had as well he is currently seven years old and my hope is that I can have my third one be able to attend as well."  I want to support the program and see it grow, " said  Patoine.

The  preschool had started a Go Fund Me account so that the it could become a non profit and raise money for many supplies and things that the children would need for outdoor activities such as snow shoes or playground equipment. This also can go towards scholarships that children can have to save money. The preschool had also did a seed fundraiser towards these objects. They had sold seeds for people to grow many different plants.  They now have raised 845 dollars of their 1,600 dollar goal for their nonprofit application fee.