RCT Moving Mobile

RCT BUSST JOHNSBURY- Rural Community Transportation known as "RCT" is making upgrades to the services which will benefit all users.
RCT is now using a new app called "Swiftly" and is changing the game for them.



This new app now allows riders to locate their bus and the app will tell them where it is at all times, as welll as when it will arrive. This is possible because there are trackers on each of the buses. RCT feels this was nessacary due to how important they are to the community.
"In the northeast kingdom there's a real need for transportation, we can identify who needs the service and we can identify where they need to go. Sometimes getting from here to there is more than just getting on a local public transit." Said Transportation and Safety Manager David Towle.

RCT strongly recommends that high school and college students take full advantage of the app along with actually riding on the buses. Their main goal right now is to fully engage the public in this app and to spread the word to as many people as possible.