Lyndon Food Share Shortage on Attendance

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMLYNDONVILLE - Due to the winter storm, the Food Share program held at the Lyndonville Armory, that serves those who need food assistance in our community, had a lower attendance than usual.


The Food Share program hands out food every couple of weeks to the people in the towns of Lyndonville and Cabot. During times of bad weather and people aren't able to attend, volunteers go out to deliver food to those in need. The program hands out non perishable items such as bread and cereal.

Cameron Messier, a student from Lyndon Institute, went to help out on his snow day. His stepdad and mom typically help out on a regular basis. Messier typically helps on his days off from school whenever he can. His family volunteers because they once were recipients of food from the program.

"I could have stayed home today. I have a brand new puppy at home and there's so much I could have been doing today. But if I can come out and help people, it's a lot better for me. I feel like I am actually giving back to what other people gave to us. I don't do it to impress people or to do it to make it seem like a good person. I just do it because these people need that extra food and that extra support," Messier said.

His mother, Celeste Matthewson, claims that there aren't too many kids that would give back to their community, especially on a snow day.

"It gives him a chance to see and appreciate what he has to offer people and give back to the community," Matthewson said.

Messier's stepdad, Joshua Matthewson, talk about how the weather can steer people away from attending.

"It's hard. Some people have to walk here, some of the people have to catch a ride. It's been a bad day weather wise. It depends on when the roads open up and when people arrive. It is what it is, you can't change the weather on snow days," said Matthewson.

In addition to the towns of Lyndonville and Cabot, the program will be launching in other towns around the Northeast Kingdom in the coming months. The next food share in Lyndonville is on March 22nd.