CALEX Talks Heat Up in Barnet

calex 1BARNET- Yet another Town Meeting Day is in the books. There were some changes in this year's meeting and the main topic of discussion was about CALEX Ambulance Service. This year voters are deciding on whether they should appropriate $26,428.00 to Calex Ambulance Service which is a $1,705.00 increase from last year. What's different is that Barnet and Calex are in the process of negotiating a three year budget contract.



In addition to the contract, CALEX will be providing CPR training to employees of the town. Barnet Selectboard Chairman Jeremy Roberts wanted to hear from the residents before moving forward with the negotiating.

"A lot of their thoughts were along the same lines that we had for thoughts," Roberts said. "I was asked by one  person about what I thought and I think it's a good process anytime you can negotiate a contract. You can get some things added like they're going to train some of our employees, that's an expense that goes out to us." 

Residents are able to vote until 7PM and the annual report will be out by tomorrow.

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