Apple Phone Scam

NEK chamber thumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - A new phone scam has made its way to the Northeast Kingdom, and it has become an issue for Vermonters who own Apple products. The scam is a set up as a network of criminals who call your phone and get you to exchange personal information under the belief that there is something wrong with your Apple software.


The Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce has received multiple calls from residents claiming to have either been scammed or contacted by a downright foul representative looking for their personal information in order to update their apple software.

Darcie McCann, the head of the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, was the first from the chamber to hear about the phone scam from residents. The scam occured late afternoon on Friday, March 2nd, and continued through the weekend. McCann says the scammers are "no less than criminals, preying on the unknowing and the senior citizens of Vermont, stealing their livelihoods by acting like family members in danger, or like someone trying to help them with a problem." McCann had very short patience for such crimes, being someone who the scammers tried to hack that Friday night.

"Not only did they ask for my personal information, but they were also belligerent when I didn't give them my information, and all weekend I've heard nothing but the exact same explanations from members of the community," McCann explained to News7.

McCann advises the best form of protection that one can have is a sense of when to hang-up the phone. "If someone calls you and asks for personal information, whether they claim to be a family member or someone from a reputable company, hang-up your phone."