Barnet School Gets Mechanical

ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 4BARNET- One employee at the Barnet Elementary School decided to add a new addition to the school's program. Melissa Bushey, was inspired by her son to create a robotics program for her third and fourth grade students.



By utilizing this program, students will be able to learn while using a hands on approach. Fourth graders were able to experiment with the new kits given to them. Bushey received money through, which gave her the ability to buy supplies to teach this program. Bushey currently has four donors, and hopes to receive four hundred dollars in donations.

Students in the past have been taught through computer programs for the basics of robotics. Bushey refers to this as "coding". Last year, Barnet School had an after school program that taught students how to use critical thinking to move characters such as witch craft, Star Wars, and more.

It is obvious the students that are eager to start building projects. Bushey envisions to expand the program in the future. "I think it starts with stepping stones. It would be really nice to build the program up to the seventh and eighth graders to build a team and travel in different robotic competitions," said Bushey.