Concord Plays With An Idea Of A New Playground

playgroundCONCORD - A former teacher in the town of Concord has left a lasting impression on residents. Some residents hope to make that impression permanent in the town with the construction of a new town playground. The town hopes to provide a fun and safe space for kids while also remembering a former teacher that knew how important children were for the town.

 Concord's Planing and Zoning Board discussed many topics to help the town's overall appearance, but one idea was to build  a new playground for the town's kids.

The Chairwoman of the Planning and Zoning Board, Cynthia Stuart, said,"As a teacher, I think he understood the value of children, and in Concord we don't have a lot of spaces for them to play. Stuart went on to say, "They can go up to the school, but it's a ways away, and we want to make sure that there's places in the center of town that they can go to and recreate and be outside."

Former Concord resident, Sid Partridge, was a teacher before passing away last spring. Before his passing Partridge contributed 25,000 dollars to the project. The town's Park and Recreation Funds will cover another 25,000 dollars for the playground.

The town says that if not all of the 50,000 dollars  is needed for the playground the remaining funds will be used on other projects. 

With a focus on the children of Concord and the overall appearance the town is looking at the Folsom Common as a possible site for the proposed playground. Suggested uses for the open green space in the center of town have also been fencing, landscaping, and artistic considerations. 

The town will finalize proposed renovation plans by November 30th and allow for public comment in December. The final renovations hope to be completed in the spring of 2018.