Abenaki Dance at Brookview

ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 2-5BARNET- The Brookview R and R owned by Crystal Zevon issuing turned into a culture center for the local indigenous people of Vermont. Classes ranging from basket making, to learning how to track, to even making bows and arrows are being held on the weekends inviting people from all around the state to teach.

This place is very important to the people who stay here because it promotes the preservation of their culture. Tom Beck is one of the people staying at Brookview, he said 

 “There’s a lot of people who care about preserving their culture and offering classes anywhere from baskets to blacksmithing theres a lot of stuff”

Sunday the 22nd of October a dancing class was held and anyone was welcome. Roger Sheehan, the chief of a southern group of Abenaki said 
“We are all different but we do similar things and the dancing and the music brings people together” 
The dancing class explained why the dances came to be and why they do them. they also explain the meaning behind each dance. More events will be held at Brookview in the future and every one of them is for the preservation and celebration of the indigenous culture around here. The Abenaki people staying at Brookview are the first of hopefully several groups using this venue to keep the culture going. 

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