Working On A Dream

johnBARNET- In the Northeast Kingdom, you might not come across many recording studios. However, Dreamery Productions is one recording studio with an interesting story.

Dreamery Productions is owned an operated by John Heartson, who, five years ago, turned a former creamery into a recording studio. Hearston has been working in the music industry his entire life and has enjoyed every minute of it.

"I've always loved sound and manipulating music, I thought the concept was really cool," said Heartson.

Heartson says that the name of his company was inspired by the former dairy farm. "This came out of a play on words. I figured creamery, and I was just going to draw a line through it to make a musical note and call it Dreamery Productions".

However, Hearston's journey ran into some roadblocks along the way. In the early stages of building his studio, he suffered a major heart attack that required open-heart surgery. During his surgery, doctors found that John had cancer, and shortly before starting treatment he was involved in a serious car accident.

"You take a look at the studio now and you say 'wow that guy must be really lucky,' but this wasn't luck, this was hard work," said Hearston. "I didn't want my wife to be stuck with this building, so I just worked even harder to get this studio done."

The biggest takeaway from what Hearston is doing is not about making money, it is about his passion for the craft of recording.

"I'm not doing this to make money. This is probably one of the hardest businesses to operate in this economy. I fall in love with my customers music," said Hearston. "There's no greater feeling than to make someone else happy and let them shine."





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