Federal Tariff in Vermont

There is a proposed Federal tariff on the import of PV panels that the Federal Trade Commission might impose next year.



Benjamin Luce, a professor of Natural Sciences at Lyndon State College, has many years of experience with solar. His experience involves installation and design of systems, modeling and analysis, public education, and policy design.


Luce was centrally involved in the creation of policies in New Mexico, which included a state solar tax credit, enhanced net-metering, a Renewable Energy Standard, and a program by which utilities would purchase Renewable Energy Credits from net-metered PV systems to count towards the State Renewable Energy Program.


Luce explained, “I believe solar power is key to the future well-being of both human race and

the natural environment (which I see as inseparable).   That said, I believe that policies

and incentives need to be crafted very carefully so as to produce a very rapid

uptake in solar while still providing maximal protection to the environment,

to the aesthetic beauty of Vermont and really all regions, and to the economy.”


Luce believes the cost of PV systems is in the “balance of system”. He believes this might slow the US installation rate, but it also might help some US manufacturers compete better, which could help the industry.



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