One Home; Two Businesses

gardenthumbST. JOHNSBURY- Husband and wife Jim and Lorrie Brown love working with their hands. The Browns run two businesses from their St.Johnsbury home; Jim runs Pine Gardens Nursery and landscape while Lorrie runs Fruit of Hers Hands. In addition to sharing a house, the two businesses also share many of the same customers. The similarities between the husband and wife continue, both started their craft at the age of fourteen.

 "I started sewing for people when I was just out of middle school. It was fun for me to make money, I sewed cloths for some of my teachers." says Lorrie Brown. Lorrie opened her business in 2004 and Jim followed the next year. The two are now in their upper sixties and although they could retire: "I'm doing what I really love now… I'm going to keep doing this as long as I can satisfy the costumer and work fast enough not to look like I’m their neighbor doing their work for them." Said Jim Broqn.

If you stop by-- Jim is always looking to give out gardening advice, "Right now people want to start putting things into the ground. You're going to waste, you're going to lose." Jim said.

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Flood Warning and what to expect for rainfall.

With heavy rainfall and a major storm on the way, find out what you should be doing to stay safe, and stay prepared with the incliment weather on the way.

Final Set of EB-5 Documents Released.

The nearly 300,000 pages of records make up this final release from the Department of Financial Regulation, and mark the end of documentation for the 2014 investigation.

A New Company is Moving Into the St. Johnsbury/Lyndon Industrial Park.

A new excavation company will be moving into a NVDA subdivided lot in the coming months... the Lyndon Developmental Review Board approved the subdivision earlier this week.