St. Johnsbury Maple Fest

MAPLE FESTIVALST. JOHNSBURY - Over the weekend the 9th annual St. Johnsbury World Maple Festival brought community members together for a sweet taste of Vermont. The event started off at eight in the morning with a 5k run called the "sap lap," that started at St. Johnsbury welcome center. Then, came the pancake breakfast where those interested could test out some maple syrup. The pancake breakfast lasted into the street festival, where vendors from all over came out to show off their special syrups.

 "This is our 4th time and every year it gets better and the weather is perfect this time of year too, so it's great" said Jordyn Cummings, a St. Johnsbury resident.

The traditional festival has been held in St. Johnsbury for almost a decade, where approximately 7,000 people attended the event just this year. The festival is known to be a big hit, sense St. Johnsbury is the maple captial of the world.

"Maple Grove farms, I mean they sell, they package more syrup and more maple product then anybody in the world." says Scott Beck, Director of the festival.

Those who attended the event all enjoyed something a little different from each other, with some who's favorite part is the food, "tasting all the vendors food that they have to offer, it's awesome, it's just a great day to be out" said attendee Mike Moriarty.

In addition to the food, the festival also had games and music, which helped to bring the commuinty together.

"I think that every community should have something where the whole community comes together, and this is that one event for St. Johsnbury," said Beck.


What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


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