Robitille Court Case, Part 1

TRIALST. JOHNSBURY - The trial for Melissa Robitille of Hardwick, who is facing charges in relation to killing her 13 year old son started this week.  Robitille and her former boyfriend, Walter Richters, were accused of killing Robitille's son, Isaac, back in August of 2014 by allegedly giving him vodka through a feeding tube.

Richter took the stand Monday after agreeing to a plea deal last year in which he agreed to testify against Robitille.  "Did you agree to testify in this case against the defendant based on your plea agreement?" asked the prosecutor to Richters. Richters replied, "Yes." 

According to the Prosecution, Robitille's son suffered from developmental delays that caused him to be blind, have no ears, and have a cleft palate.  The denfense argues that on the night of August 21, 2014, Richters and Robitille were drinking alcohol when Robitille's son became irrated and started having problems with discomfort, having seizures and hitting himself. Robitile and Richters took matters into their own hands. Richters suggested giving Isaac three teaspoons of vodka to relax him and calm him down.  Robitille agreed, however, Richters was not comfortable administering the alcohol, so Robitille did.

Prosecution:  "Do you see the person here in court today who gave vodka to Isaac on August 21, 2014?" Richters: "Yes"
Prosecution: "And where is that person?"
Richters:  "She is sitting right there," said Richters as he pointed at Robitille.

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